Scent Descriptions

Alien Inspired

Alien is a feminine perfume. A rich floral woody amber fragrance containing jasmine sambac, cashmeran wood and white amber it is a fragrance whose magic trails awakens your emotions Top Notes Sambac Jasmine Heart Notes Cashmere Wood Base notes White Amber. Shop all Alien Inspired

Angel Inspired

No flowers in this scent! Just a whole load of food: Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel... Its uniqueness is what makes it so popular, but also the reason others can't stand it. The mouth-watering scent notes of decadent caramel, perfectly ripe red berries, and dewberry, chocolate, honey, and Australian sandalwood mingled with oriental spices results in a fragrance that is truly unforgettable. Shop All Angel Inspired

Aventos Her Inspired

Opulent and sensual, this fruity floral scent opens with accords of crisp green apple blended with fragrant pink pepper and sparkling Calabrian bergamot.

Baccarat Rouge Inspired

Luminous and sophisticated, Baccarat Rouge 540 lays on the skin like an amber floral and woody breeze. A poetic alchemy composed by Francis Kurkdjian, where the aerial notes of jasmine and the radiance of saffron carry mineral facets of ambergris and woody tones of freshly cut cedarwood. A graphic and highly condensed signature. A fragrance for men and women. Shop All Baccarat Inspired

Baby Powder Inspired

This Baby Powder Fragrance is identical to classic the baby powder scent we all love. A sweet and memorable smell of clean elegance.

Bakewell Tart Inspired

A sweet Bakewell tart fragrance with notes of vanilla, cherry, and creamy almond. Let sweet almond and cherry notes fill the air!

Beach Life Inspired

The perfect refreshing and tasty tropical cocktail blends sweet coconut cream with white rum and freshly squeezed pineapple juice. Crushed ice is added and shaken vigorously, garnished with a wedge of pineapple. Top Notes: Pineapple, Rum, Orange, Heart Notes: Pineapple, Fruity and Base Notes: Coconut, Vanilla.

Be Delicious Inspired

Be Delicious Fragrance is similar to the popular women's fragrance. A fruity fragrance combining the scent of apple with a blend of exotic flowers and sensual woods - a true New York icon! We are in no way affiliated with the designer fragrance company. Our fragrance simply smells similar to the perfume. Shop All Be Delicious Inspired

Bedtime Baby Inspired

A sleepy mix of lavender and soothing sleepy scents to help you drift off into a peaceful undisturbed sleep. Great for a bedtime routine.

Black Cherry Inspired

Experience that strong vibrant scent of Black Cherry in our Black Cherry Fragrance. Enjoy the rich sweet scent of Cherry supported by a sweet vanilla dry down that combine to create a robust succulent aroma.

Black Opium Inspired

Our Black Opium fragrance is similar to the Black Opium perfume. An addictive gourmand floral with notes of black coffee, white florals, and vanilla – for sweetness and sensuality. We are in no way affiliated with the designer fragrance company. Our fragrance simply smells similar to the perfume. Shop All Black Opium Inspired

Brazilian BB Inspired

Our Black Orchid Fragrance is similar to the iconic fragrance. The fragrance is captured by a sensuous blend of Black Truffle and Ylang mingled with fresh Bergamot and delectable Blackcurrant. We are in no way affiliated with the designer fragrance company. Our fragrance simply smells similar to the perfume. Shop All Brazilian BB

Black Orchid Inspired

Our Black Orchid Fragrance is similar to the iconic fragrance. The fragrance is captured by a sensuous blend of Black Truffle and Ylang mingled with fresh Bergamot and delectable Blackcurrant. We are in no way affiliated with the designer fragrance company. Our fragrance simply smells similar to the perfume.

Black Plum & Rhubarb Inspired

A vibrant, fruity accord of juicy black plum and fresh rhubarb supported with interludes of ripe pear and sweet peach. Top Notes: Rhubarb Heart Notes: Pear, Peach Base Notes: Plum, Blackberry.

Blue Slushie Inspired

A fresh summer fruit accord dominated by notes of blueberry followed by a raspberry and strawberry blend all sweetened by base notes of creamy vanilla.

Blueberry Pie Inspired

A fruity blend dominated by blueberries and strawberries with the powdery sweetness of vanilla. Top Notes: Blueberries, Strawberries Heart Notes: Blueberry, Jasmin Base Notes: Vanilla.

Bottled Inspired

Bottled Fragrance is similar to the designer men’s aftershave. Bottled Fragrance has fresh top notes include apple and citrus fruits and are balanced in the heart, with a warm spicy middle note dominated by geranium, cinnamon and cloves. In the base notes, dry spicy scents of sandalwood, vetiver, cedarwood, olivewood, amber and musk create a distinctly masculine dry down. We are in no way affiliated with the designer fragrance company. Our fragrance simply smells similar to the aftershave. Shop All Boss Inspired

Bois de Portugal Creed Inspired

This warm and rich fragrance enchants with opening notes of bergamot, a lavender heart, and a complex woody base of Mysore sandalwood, vetiver ambergris, and cedar. Shop All Bois De Portugal

Bubblegum Inspired

Our bubble gum fragrance has a sweet, uplifting and fun aroma identical to juicy fruit gum! Notes of fresh berries, peach, pineapple and citrus complete this fragrance.

Cake Mix Inspired

Our Cake Mix fragrance is full and sweet, identical to freshly chopped vanilla pods. It has a distinctive spicy but delicate floral aroma packed with vanilla scent finished with buttery notes.

Calpol Inspired

A sweet fruity accord with notes of raspberry, strawberry and orange followed by floral hints of violet and heliotrope supported by a vanilla base.

Chamomille Calm Inspired

A sensual and soothing blend of fresh French lavender and vanilla bean. Top notes: coconut, peach, heart notes: lavender, lilac, chamomile, base notes: cedarwood, vanilla.

Citronella Inspired

Citronella essential oil is obtained from the leaves and stems of different species of Cymbopogon (lemongrass). Citronella oil has a powerful citrus aroma, bursting with a crisp, lemon and grassy scent. It is also a renowned plant-based insect repellent.

Coconut Inspired

A tropical cocktail of blue skies and golden shores, this fragrance will whisk you away on a dream holiday. Opening with the sweet aroma of fresh pineapple and juicy orange that leads into a creamy coconut core encased by soft almond and peach tones. The cool coconut breeze continues as the fragrance comes to rest on an indulgent bed of caramel swirled with sweet vanilla.

Coconut & Lime Inspired

A sweet coconut and lime fragrance opening with lime, lemon, orange, apple and coconut leading into a soft floral heart resting on a sweet base of vanilla, musk and gentle woods.

Code Inspired

Our Code Fragrance is similar to the popular men's aftershave. A citrusy blend of lemon and bergamot, but warmed with wood and olive tree blossom. We are in no way affiliated with the designer fragrance company. Our fragrance oil simply smells similar to the aftershave.

Cola Cube Inspired

A sweet confectionary accord of cola with supporting notes of juicy lemon and lime and spicy cinnamon with a mouth-watering fizz.

Comfort Blue Inspired

Capture the fragrance of fresh laundry with top notes of lime, peach and apple peel. The middles notes are perfectly balanced with cotton flower and jasmine, completed by powdered musk and vanilla.

Comfort Cherry Blossom Inspired

Sweet powdery fruity floral with top notes of pineapple and coconut, lemon and peach sweetened with vanilla on a floral heart of jasmine and violet, muguet, mimosa and hawthorn on a base of amber, vanilla and musk.

Comfort Freesia & Passionflower Inspired

Delight your senses with luscious bursts of red fruit, sweet blossom and yummy vanilla spice.

Comfort Strawberry / Lily Inspired

A fresh fruity floral fragrance with green fruity top notes, strawberry, gardenia, violet and jasmine in the heart and a soft dry down with woods and vanilla.

Comfort Yellow Inspired

A truly fruity fragrance with green mint, creamy, orange and a middle of floral, lily of the valley, rose, jasmine and pine. The bottom has vanilla, tonka bean, complex white woods along with woody white musk.

Cool Water Inspired

Our Cool Water Fragrance is similar to the aftershave Cool Water. This fragrance has top notes of peppermint and lavender, heart of spicy coriander, jasmine, oak moss and geranium and a base of sensual amber and musk. We are in no way affiliated with the designer fragrance company. Our fragrance simply smells similar to the aftershave.

Clean Cotton Inspired

A fresh, clean floral fragrance with freesia, lily, jasmine and orchid rounded by regal iris and mimosa, these are all supported by velvet woods, sandalwood and a hint of amber.

Creed Inspired

Aventos Fragrance is similar to the luxurious high-end aftershave. This fragrance features superb worldly scents, such as blackcurrant from sunny Corsica, bergamot from Italy, Calville Blanc apples from France, and Louisiana birch. We are in no way affiliated with the designer fragrance company. Our fragrance simply smells similar to the aftershave. Shop All Creed Inspired

Daisy Inspired

Our Daisy Fragrance is similar to the popular women's fragrance. Daisy fragrance is radiant and enhancing, like a sparkling floral bouquet - spirited and fresh, wrapped in comfort and warmth. We are in no way affiliated with the designer fragrance company. Our fragrance simply smells similar to the perfume. Shop All Daisy Inspired

Decadance Inspired

Decadence Fragrance is similar in notes and identity to the popular scent. Decadence fragrance oil has top notes of Italian plum, saffron and iris. Bulgarian rose, Sambac jasmine and orris root form the heart of the perfume, while the base includes warm liquid amber, vetiver and papyrus wood. We are in no way affiliated with the fragrance company. Our fragrance simply smells similar to the perfume.

Dettol Inspired

Dettol Fragrance is similar to the popular First Aid Antiseptic. For that extra clean scent. We are in no way affiliated with the antiseptic manufacturer. Our fragrance simply smells similar to the product.

Diamonds Inspired

Our Diamonds Fragrance is similar to the iconic women's perfume. Diamonds has floral, oriental scent. Notes of patchouli and freesia are couple with a base of amber and sweet vanilla. A timeless fragrance. We are in no way affiliated with the designer fragrance company. Our fragrance simply smells similar to the perfume.

Dove Inspired

A comforting floral with fresh aldehydic top notes accompanied by gentle floral notes of rose and jasmine. The base is composed of musk, moss, woods and a hint of sweet buttermilk.

Explorer Inspired

A comforting floral with fresh aldehydic top notes accompanied by gentle floral notes of rose and jasmine. The base is composed of musk, moss, woods and a hint of sweet buttermilk. Shop All Explorer

F**king Fabulous Inspired

A warm sensual harmony opening with clary sage, chamomile, bergamot and warm pepper leading to a heart of leather, orris, mimosa, almond and freesia resting on an intense base of cashmeran, amber, musk, tonka beans and liquorice. Shop All F**king Fabulous Inspired

Flora Inspired

The fragrance unfolds with invigorating citrusy notes in the beginning, intermingled with the grace of peony. In its heart, a harmonious blend of rose and osmanthus emerges, while the foundation is crafted from the depth of patchouli and sandalwood. Shop All Flora Inspired

Fahrenheit Inspired

Fahrenheit Fragrance is similar to the luxurious high end aftershave. Fahrenheit Fragrance Oil features violet and leather accents enhanced with Bourbon vanilla absolute. The irresistible appeal of a unique fragrance is heightened by precious ingredients. We are in no way affiliated with the designer fragrance company. Our fragrance simply smells similar to the aftershave.

Fairy Dust Inspired

Tiny droplets of sunshine sparkling their way through a soft powdery sweet floral bouquet. Creamy musks and soft sandalwood layer the base.... Top: bergamot, apple skin, Middle: lily, rose, Base: vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood, musk.

Flower Bomb Inspired

Our Flower Bomb Fragrance is similar to the popular women's perfume. Flowerbomb explodes into a bouquet of sensations with its addictive floral notes, with harmonious sparkling top notes of mandarin and orange, middle notes of Sambac jasmine with a hint of orange tree, Catleya orchid, freesia and Centifolia rose and a woody base note of Patchouli. We are in no way affiliated with the designer fragrance company. Our fragrance simply smells similar to the perfume.

Foam Banana Inspired

A creamy banana accord with rich smooth notes of cream and vanilla. Smells just like Foam Banana sweets.

Fresh Linen Zoflo Inspired

A fresh, clean floral fragrance with freesia, lily, jasmine and orchid rounded by regal iris and mimosa, these are all supported by velvet woods, sandalwood and a hint of amber.

Grapefruit & Lemon Inspired

Fresh and vitalising, this sparkling citrus accord opens with an uplifting harmony of white grapefruit and a dash of lemon verbena. At the heart, the fruity succulent contrast of pink grapefruit and pomelo descends onto a captivating fond of grapefruit blossom and musky undertones.

Good Girl Inspired

Good Girl perfume is an intense fragrance that will make you fall in love from the very beginning. Among its olfactory notes you can find tuberose, jasmine, almond and toasted tonka, which create an aroma of extreme beauty that dazzles the five physical senses.

Guilty Her Inspired

A floriental accord with top notes of mandarin, schinus molle, geranium and peach and cassis. Floral notes include lilac, jasmine, violet and muguet all supported on a fond of patchouli, musk and amber. Shop All Guilty Her Inspired

Guilty Him Inspired

Guilty Him begins with a softer, milder, and more contemporary fragrance hook of French Lavandin Abrialis and uplifting Lemon Sfumatrice, that complements the intensity of Juniper beautifully. Shop All Guilty Him Inspired

Invictus Inspired

A modern fresh fruity floral fragrance with mandarin, apple blossom and lotus leading to a heart of magnolia, jasmine and violet resting on a heart of creamy woods and musk. Shop All Invictus Inspired

Issey Inspired

A woody aquatic accord with fresh crisp top notes of yuzu, bergamot, lemon and basil enhanced by marine salty notes leading to spicy woody middle notes of sea buckthorn, nutmeg and waterlily resting upon a base enriched with amber, vetiver and sandalwood.

Issey Her Inspired

This is a minimalistic, simple and clear fragrance inspired by Japanese mountains. Behin its transparency, this perfume hides a strong floral wave of jasmine, hyacinth and cedar. Freshness is added by French verbena and lemon, which make this fragrance more feminine. Aromas of galbanum add fondling, balmy and warm trail.

Jadore Inspired

A Floral Fruity fragrance for women. Top notes are Pear, Melon, Magnolia, Peach, Mandarin Orange and Bergamot; middle notes are Jasmine, Lily-of-the-Valley, Tuberose, Freesia, Rose, Orchid, Plum and Violet; base notes are Musk, Vanilla, Blackberry and Cedar.

Jimmy Choo Inspired

The seductive composition is a modern chypre fruity, with green top notes, tiger orchid, sweet toffee caramel and Indonesian patchouli. Top notes are Pear, Mandarin Orange and Green Notes; middle note is Orchid; base notes are Toffee and Patchouli. Shop All Jimmy Choo Inspired

Jimmy Choo Man Inspired

A modern and fresh fragrance that combines aromatic, fruity and woody notes. It includes accords of honeydew melon, pink pepper, pineapple leaf, lavender, patchouli and suede.

Joop Inspired

An Oriental cinnamon accord with supporting notes of sandalwood, tonka, vanilla and sweet musks.

Lemon Drizzle Cake Inspired

Candied lime savors, lemon syrup, bergamot extract, poppy-seed, muffin, brown sugar, marshmellow fluff, vanilla cake batter, clove bud and white musk.

La Vie Belle Inspired

An Oriental fragrance that starts with top notes of bergamot, grapefruit, and cassis. It is followed by floral notes of orris, jasmine, orange blossom, and lily and rests on a background with vanilla, tonka bean, praline, patchouli, cedarwood, musk, and ambergris. Shop All La Vie Belle Inspired

Lady Million Inspired

A multifaceted white floral with top notes of orange, neroli, and apple with a floral heart of jasmine, violet, and peony supported by a fond of amber, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla, and musk. Shop All Lady Million Inspired

Lavender Inspired

Lavender is known for its soothing, calming aromatic qualities. (It’s actually been proven to quell anxiety and promote sleep.)

Lenor Black Diamond Inspired

A rich sumptuous floral fragrance with neroli, freesia, ylang ylang and fresh green apple supported by a heart of orange blossom, rose and tuberose smoothed by hints of lily and carnation resting on an intense base of precious woods and amber, rounded by dry fruits and flowers.

Lenor Bliss Inspired

A delicate fragrance that combines the inviting scents of red berries and cherry with elegant jasmine and a hint of peachy sweetness.

Lenor Blue Inspired

A fresh aldehydic floral with a fresh carnation top combining a spiced floral heart of rose, jasmine, lily and marine notes that rest on a musk and sandal base to create a scent reminiscent of freshly washed linen

Lenor Dreams Inspired

Positively bursting with jasmine and vanilla.

Lenor Fresh Inspired

Sparkling citrus and juicy fruits scents wrapped into transparent floral notes.

Lenor Frosted Eucalyptus Inspired

Based on the very popular washing powder fragrance this scent is both fresh and wintery. With fresh minty top notes leading to a base of winter pine& citrus with bottom notes of soft honey. 

Lenor Gold Inspired

A seductive hint of precious vanilla blended with mimosa, honey rose accords and creamy peach.

Lenor Lavish Inspired

An ideal pairing of rich peach gourmand scent infused with creamy white floral notes blended with sweet vanilla and precious woods.

Lenor Spring Inspired

Wrapped in the scent of spring flowers, you can look forward to a revitalizing, uplifting experience that will leave you feeling invigorated and totally refreshed.

Lenor Yellow Inspired

A delightful floral fragrance where fresh green apple rests upon a heart of violet, heliotrope, and a touch of spice supported by a powdery base of tonka, musk, and woods.

Light Blue Inspired

A casual and breezy, sparkling fruity-floral scent that evokes the spirit of the Sicilian summer. Mouth-watering and fresh notes of lime and cedar are bringing an image of the South woods on the seashore.

Lime Basil & Mandarin Inspired

An enticing, mouth-watering medley of Sicilian lime and zesty bergamot with a juicy heart bursting with ripe mandarins, aquatic white florals, peppery basil, and caraway seeds. Base notes include soft, velvety patchouli and sharp green vetiver.

Lime & Lemongrass Inspired

Lime & Lemongrass Fragrance is similar in style to the popular bath bomb high street retailer. A sweet herbal blend of bergamot and lemongrass.

Lost Cherry Inspired

A candy-like radiance emanates from exotic black cherry and liqueur, delicately kissed by alluring almond, leading to an enchanting fusion of Turkish Rose and Jasmine Sambac that captivates the senses. This full-bodied perfume transcends into a realm of insatiable fantasy.

Madam Inspired

Tea and mandarin are followed by rich, spicy floral notes of muguet, jasmine, rose and gardenia, resting on a warm, sensual accord of patchouli, vetiver, tonka, sandal and vanilla.

Mango & Lime Inspired

A refreshing zest accord with mouth-watering Indian lemongrass, Italian lemon and thai lime supported with fresh pineapple, melon, grapefruit and juicy mango.

Mango Inspired

Succulent, juicy, drippingly sweet: mango works wonderfully in summer perfumes in particular, delivering that hint-of-the-tropics

Marine Inspired

Capturing the freshness of an ocean breeze, blending crisp marine notes with sparkling citrus, Muguet and cyclamen resting on a base of sun-bleached driftwood. Top Notes: Ozonic, Marine, Geranium, Rose, Heart Notes: Jasmin, Cyclamen, Base Notes: Cedarwood, Vetivert.

Miss Dior Inspired

The fragrance has sparks of fresh and vibrant orange which immediately awaken the senses. A clear and sensual heart reveals the transparent accords of Jasmine and Rose. The trail unfurls the pure accents of Patchouli and Vetiver that emphasise the slender structure of the composition.

No 5 Inspired

Top fruity notes of aldehydic citrus blend with middle of jasmine, pine, mixed florals, geranium and rose. These rest on base notes of vanilla, white woods and white musk.

Neroli Inspired

Neroli scent has a crisp effervescent quality. A reinvention of a classic eau de cologne, it features Tunisian neroli, Italian bergamot, Sicilian lemon, winter yellow mandarin, lavender, orange flower, rosemary and amber.

Olympea Inspired

A fresh oriental fragrance based on a sensual salty-vanilla accord for a sexy and divine trail to bring out the Goddess in you! Shop All Olympea Inspired

Oud Wood Inspired

Incense-filled temples frequently burn oud wood. A smoky blend of rare oud wood, sandalwood, and vetiver replaces exotic rose wood and cardamom. This deep moody scent fills the atmosphere. Shop All Oud Wood Inspired.

One Million Inspired

This aromatic blend has top notes of grapefruit, blood orange and rose, spiced with cinnamon and mint. Mingling with the soft white woods are patchouli, amber and leather, creating this masculine fragrance.

One Million Lucky Inspired

A pulsating and captivating scent of woody and gourmand tones. It is described as fresh, vivid and sensual. Hazelnut note enriches the composition of woody elements, with fresh ozone combined with Greengage plum.

Only The Brave Inspired

Top notes are Amalfi Lemon and Mandarin Orange; middle notes are Violet, Virginia Cedar and Coriander; base notes are Amber, Leather, Benzoin, French labdanum and Styrax.

Parma Violets Inspired

This fragrance is packed with sweet and fresh base notes, reminiscent of a childhood sweet shop. Guaranteed to bring childhood memories flooding back!

Poison Inspired

Succumb to the enchanting universe of Poison, the forbidden fruit. Ambery fragrances with sultry accords offer an enticing invitation to a hypnotic dance, where notes of vanilla, musks, bitter almond and jasmine twirl around each other, coming into collision.

Pet Smell Eliminator Inspired

A refreshing floral accord opening with top notes of ozone, bergamot, orange blossom, gentle aldehydes and fruity hints, followed by a clean floral heart of rose, Jasmin, violet and lily, resting on a base of amber, soft woods and musk.

Pink Grapefruit & Vanilla Inspired

Zesty burst of pink grapefruit, mandarin, lime and sour lemon first greet the nose, lightened gently with a hint of spearmint. This fruity concoction gives way to a bouquet of white floral tines including jasmine, gardenia and lily, transforming effortlessly to reveal creamy base notes of sweet vanilla.

Pink Sands Inspired

A fruity floral fragrance introduces citrus sweet orange notes and a fruit medley of coconuts, strawberries, melons and bananas leading to a floral core of muguet, rose and jasmine scattered with clary sage and cloves. The base is enriched with sweet vanilla and sugar notes.

Pomegranate and Rhubarb Inspired

This succulent, fruity accord unfolds over a juicy, refreshing harmony of orange, peach, apple, grapefruit and the tartness of rhubarb, refreshed by hints of lychee. The fragrance continues to flourish over a mouth-watering heart of juicy pomegranate, strawberry, raspberry and pear. All of this is cushioned by deliciously fresh undertones of rhubarb.

Pomegranate Noir Inspired

With top notes of juicy red fruits, reminiscent of pomegranate, giving oil a lusciously refreshing quality. Floral blend heart notes that conjures the heady, spicy character of Casablanca lily. Base notes of temptingly smoky wood, it weaves through the fragrance, creating an aura of sensuality A classic high quality fragrance.

Rush Inspired

The fragrance is composed like a luscious exotic floral cocktail: Californian gardenia, South African freesia, jasmine and Turkish rose. Corriander, vanilla and patchouli emphasize the oriental character and uniqueness of this fragrance. The top notes are gardenia and freesia; the heart is created of jasmine, Turkish rose and coriander, the drydown unites vanilla, patchouli and vetiver.

Sauvage Inspired

A cool unflappable fougere where crisp bergamot and mandarin combine with geranium petals, olibanum oil, fresh lavender sprigs, patchouli, moss and warm nuances of precious amber and musks. Shop All Sauvage Inspired

Seychelles Inspired

Escape to paradise. This stunning fragrance combines fresh bergamot, bright orange and rich amber with warming notes of exotic coconut, vanilla and almond.

Sherbet Lemon inspired

A classic fizzy lemon sherbet top note with middle notes of lime and sugar on a base of raspberry, vanilla and strawberry.  

Si Inspired

This fragrance opens with notes of bergamot, mandarin and liquer de cassis, it has a heart of rose de mai absolute, neroli absolute and jasmine absolute. Base notes of patchouli oil, amber and musky undertones of vanilla absolute.

Snow Now Frosted Pixie

This fragrance provides you with a fresh, sweet and uplifting bubble gummy scent. Shop All Snow Angel Inspired

Starburst Inspired

Joyful notes of juicy sparkling citrus fruits, lead into a labyrinth of lush green foliage and the sweet tartness of a glass of fizzy lemonade bubbling away, reminiscent of lazy afternoons at the height of summer. Top Notes: Mandarin, Grapefruit, Citrus Sparkling, Heart Notes: Green Lemon Sherbet, Base Notes: Gourmand, Sweet Caramel.

Strawberry and Rhubarb Inspired

A perfect fruity fragrance. Not too sweet and not too sour, this fragrance combines freshly picked strawberries and pink rhubarb on a surprisingly complex base. Top Notes: Rhubarb, Grapefruit, Heart Notes: Apple, Strawberry, Raspberry, Plum, Base Notes: Musk, Vanilla, Cedar.

Swizzles Inspired

The unforgettable scent of swizzles sweets.

Tattoo Only The Brave Inspired

Composed of apple, opening the composition with its zest. A heart comprises sage and Bourbon pepper, while a base features amber-wood tacts, benzoin, tobacco and patchouli. Shop All Tattoo Inspired

Touch Of Pink Inspired

The fragrance is energetic, feminine and joyous. The top reveals blood orange, coriander leaf, cardamom and peach, followed by jasmine, unexpected carrot, and spicy coriander note in the heart. The woodsy-musk base is softened with vanilla.

Unicorn Inspired

A sweet almond scent of Amaretto in a traditional egg nog style which is warming and cosy on a winter eve.

Very Cherry Inspired

A sumptuous profusion of deliciously dark red juicy berries. Hints of harvest fruits infused with plump cherries. Subtly infused with vanilla pods. Top Notes: Cherry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Heart Notes: Cherry, Rose, Peach, Blackcurrant, Base Notes: Cherry, Vanilla.

Vapour Rub Inspired

Distinctive top notes of camphor, eucalyptus, menthol work perfectly with a middle of light pine, hints of citrus, slightly phenolic all on a woody base.

We would like to clarify that copyrights and trademarks belong to their respective manufacturers and designers, and we have no affiliation with them. Our fragrances are re-created using similar fragrance notes, and the naming of our fragrances is only intended to demonstrate the similarities, not to confuse or mislead our customers.

We want to make it clear that we do not claim that our products are exact replicas of the original fragrances, nor do we make any association with the original brand owners. Any references to brand names are only for comparison purposes.

We believe that transparency is essential in building trust with our customers, and we want to assure you that we are committed to providing high-quality, highly fragranced products at affordable prices.