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Black Opium Inspired Car Freshener 6ml

Black Opium Inspired Car Freshener 6ml

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Our glass car fresheners will fill your car with beautiful scent. Our highly concentrated fragrance saturates the cork top and is dispursed when the car moves giving bursts of scent.

Vegan & Cruelty Free

Scent Description: Aside from the pear, black coffee, and white floral elements, the impact of vanilla is noticeable. It lends the aroma smoothness and, yes, sweetness, and is a staple of gourmet fragrances. Patchouli is used to round out the effect.

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DIRECTIONS – Remove the freshener from the packaging and unscrew the lid. Remove the white cap and then screw the lid back on tight. Once the lid is back on, tip over the freshener to allow the oils to saturate the cork inside the lid. Adjust the straps to the desired length and hang the freshener around the indicator stick. The freshener will give off a stronger scent throw when it is swaying or caught in a breeze. For a quick blast of fragrance tip the freshener upside down to re-saturate the cork lid. We do not recommend hanging the freshener from the rearview mirror so as to prevent the glass bottle swinging into the window screen when the car is in motion, and to prevent the oils heating up in sunny weather. Re-tighten the lid of the freshener every other day as the top can become loose over time from the motion of the vehicle. If any oils spill on the dashboard or anywhere else wipe immediately as the oils could cause damage. The car perfume is not for wearing, avoid contact with skin. Use for intended purposes only.

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