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Daisy Inspired Burner / Diffuser Oil

Daisy Inspired Burner / Diffuser Oil

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Our high-quality 15ml concentrated oils come in a 20ml bottle with a dropper cap for easy use. The extra air inside the bottle allows the oil to flow through the dropper cap more efficiently from the very first use. The amber-tinted bottle protects the oil from UV light keeping the fragrance at full strength. Smells can have a huge impact on our emotions so why not choose to be happy all the time and get picking the scents that tickle your fancy from our incredibly huge fragrance range.

Net weight minimum 15ml

Scent Description: This soft, feminine scent is designed for women with refined fashion and fragrance tastes. Fruity tones of ripe strawberry and zesty pink grapefruit are featured in this afternoon fragrance.

DIRECTIONS – Our oils are suitable for use in both ceramic burners and electric diffusers. Not suitable for use in electric burners. Do not confuse electric burners and electric diffusers when using water.

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