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Project Scent

New Project Scent Fabric Spray 100ml

New Project Scent Fabric Spray 100ml

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Get ready to transform your everyday with our latest innovation – the New Project Scent Fabric Spray in a convenient 100ml bottle. We've taken scents to a whole new level with a mesmerizing array of captivating fragrances.

From the exotic allure of Brazilian Bum Bum to the revitalizing notes of Lenor Frosted Eucalyptus, the comforting embrace of Comfort Yellow, and a host of other enchanting scents, we've curated a collection that promises to elevate your surroundings and refresh your fabrics like never before.

Experience the magic of these irresistible fragrances as they infuse your living spaces, linens, and upholstery with a delightful burst of freshness. Our Fabric Spray isn't just about scent; it's about transforming your environment into a haven of sensory delight.

Say goodbye to stale odors and hello to a new level of freshness that lingers long after the first spray. Whether you're reviving your home, office, or car interiors, our Fabric Spray is your secret weapon for a fragrant transformation.

Ready to embark on this scented journey? Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your everyday experience. Grab your favourite scent and experience a new level of freshness today!

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