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Sale Shake N Vac Carpet Sprinkles 500g

Sale Shake N Vac Carpet Sprinkles 500g

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Experience the magic of our Shake n Vac – not only does it lavish your carpets with delightful fragrances, but it also transforms your entire room as the scent wafts through the filter. Our customers rave about the robustness of our fragrances, with a lingering effect that truly stands out.

Shake n Vac goes beyond merely freshening carpets and rooms; it possesses the unique ability to banish unwanted odors, tackling even the toughest scents from pets or dampness. For optimal results, sprinkle a slightly thicker layer, let it sit for an hour, and then vacuum.

If powdered products aren't your preference, explore our Vac Fresheners as an alternative. Elevate your fragrance experience by pairing them with Shake n Vac for an even more robust aroma. Visit our Vac Freshener page for usage instructions.

Choose the same scent for both products if you crave a harmonious fragrance experience, or mix and match for a touch of creativity. Your aromatic journey starts here!

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