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Silver Crackle Tulip Mosaic Wax Warmer L-7120

Silver Crackle Tulip Mosaic Wax Warmer L-7120

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Discover Our Plug-in Wax Burner - A Fragrant Delight

Unveil the convenience and charm of our Plug-in Wax Burner, elegantly presented in our branded window box and thoughtfully paired with a 15W bulb.

Product Features:

  • Ideal Heat: To ensure the best fragrance experience, we include a 15W bulb, precisely tailored to deliver the perfect temperature for your chosen wax melts.

  • Soy-Based Wax: To enhance your aromatic journey, we recommend using soy-based wax with a low melting point. This ensures that the heat generated is perfect for melting the wax, allowing your selected scent to flourish. Please note that paraffin-based products are not suitable, as their higher melting point is not compatible with this burner.

Experience the convenience and allure of our Plug-in Wax Burner - the gateway to a world of captivating fragrances and a more inviting living space.

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