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Stamford Incense Sticks 20 Pack

Stamford Incense Sticks 20 Pack

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Stamford Indian Incense Sticks 20 Pack

Stamford is an incense company that specializes in developing great value, beautifully scented incense that’s perfect to fragrance your home. The Indian incense is hand-rolled using pure, good quality ingredients and traditional incense recipes. The end result is clean and smooth burning incense with distinctive scents. 

When you first smell the incense in its packaged box, it tends to smell quite perfumed. When you burn the incense sticks, you’ll find they leave a lovely scent that lingers in your home or place of work. 

There’s a range of scents in the Stamford Indian incense range, including woody, oriental, floral, fruity, and herbal scents. If you’re not sure which to choose, the collection packs are a good option to start with, as you get the chance to try a variety of incense fragrances.

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