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White Tree LED Plug In Wax Melt Warmer L-70015

White Tree LED Plug In Wax Melt Warmer L-70015

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Brand NEW to UK.

White LED Colour Changing Plug In Warmers!

Let your favourite fragrance roam the household whilst putting on a glorious light show. Let the plug in gently fade through each of the colour cycles or select one colour with the flick of a switch. Our LED Plug In Warmers feature a hot plate and removable glass dish for easy fragrance disposal. An exciting addition to any home, and suitable for anyone as a gift! LED Colour Changing Feature: An Illuminating light show of 7 colours filtering gently through to provide a calming atmosphere. The switch on the side can also be turned several times so that you can chose which colour light you wish to stay on. Can be used with wax melts as well as fragrance oil. Standard UK 3-Pin Plug.

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