Recycle Program


We are all aware of the huge impact plastic has on our environment. We do not like the fact that our packaging could possible contribute to the problem so we now offer a recycling & rewards programme.

We can take back the majority of our packaging from you lovely guys…..but we obviously would like to reward you for taking the time to recycle rather that throw away. Every good deed has a knock on effect and we have to start somewhere.

Everytime you return 5 x recyclable packaging, you will receive 10% off your next purchase. This will be either applied in store on return of bottles or you will be issued with a discount code to use online.

If you have any questions about this return and recycle scheme, please get in touch.

We do accept packaging for:

Shower Gel

Hand Wash


Bubble Bath


Moisturiser Cream

Body Spray

Bath Salts

Sugar Scrub

Fabric Spray

Air Freshener

Leave In Conditioner

Kids Detangler

Burner OIls

Carpet Sprinkles

Reed Diffuser

We are able to recycle most of our bottles and tubs but we are unable to recycle the following:

Wax Melt Pots

Bath Bomb Bags

Car Freshener Bags

Vac Freshener Bags

Soap Sponge Packaging

Soap Packaging

Dust Bags

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