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Project Scent

New Project Scent Wax Melt Pots 35g

New Project Scent Wax Melt Pots 35g

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Experience the ultimate fusion of sustainability and sensational scents with our all-new 35g Coconut, Rapeseed, and Soy Wax Blended Melts, thoughtfully encased in eco-friendly packaging.

Discover an extensive array of captivating fragrances, including the exotic allure of Brazilian Bum Bum, the refreshing notes of Lenor Frosted Eucalyptus, the comforting embrace of Comfort Yellow, the floral delight of Flora, the crisp cleanliness of Clean Cotton, the intriguing allure of Poison, and a captivating collection of many more.

Our eco-conscious packaging not only ensures that you're indulging in guilt-free luxury but also embodies our commitment to a greener planet.

Simply place these eco-friendly melts in your favourite wax warmer, and let the enchanting aromas envelop your space. Whether you're unwinding after a long day or setting the mood for a special occasion, our wax melts offer an eco-friendly way to transform your surroundings into a fragrant haven.

With Project Scent, you're not just elevating your senses; you're making a conscious choice for a sustainable and aromatic lifestyle. Explore the new scents today and experience the perfect blend of nature-friendly and luxurious fragrances

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