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Silver Fireworks 3D Plug in Warmer L-7202

Silver Fireworks 3D Plug in Warmer L-7202

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Introducing Our Silver 3D Plugin Warmer - Elevate Your Scent Experience

Step into a world of scent exploration with our captivating Cerise Pink 3D Plugin Warmer. This exciting addition to our collection is designed to enhance your relaxation while indulging in your favourite scents.

Product Highlights:

  • Optimal Heat: To ensure the best scent experience, we recommend using the provided 10W bulb, thoughtfully chosen to create the perfect atmosphere for your fragrances.

  • Soy-Based Wax: For the ultimate aromatic journey, we suggest using soy-based wax with a low melting point. This ensures that the heat produced is ideal for melting the wax, allowing your chosen fragrance to flourish. Please note that paraffin-based products are not suitable, as their higher melting point is incompatible with this warmer.

Sense Aroma Exclusive:

The Cerise Pink 3D Plugin Warmer is an exclusive addition to the Sense Aroma family, adding a touch of elegance to your scent journey. Elevate your relaxation and immerse yourself in the world of captivating fragrances with this unique and enchanting product.

Discover a new way to enjoy your favorite scents and enhance your space with our Cerise Pink 3D Plugin Warmer – your gateway to a world of soothing and delightful aromas.

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