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Project Scent

All Lenor Inspired Fabric Spray 100ml

All Lenor Inspired Fabric Spray 100ml

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Lenor Inspired Scent

Highly Scented Fabric Spray has been specially designed to fragrance your home fabric furnishings for days (even weeks).

Impress your guests by quickly spritzing the furniture before they arrive, spray curtains, cushions, the inside of stinky shoes or have a quick spray on the clothes in the wardrobe. Why not try our bedtime baby fabric spray on your bedding and PJ’s to help induce sleep. Whatever your preference you won’t be disappointed with our long-lasting, highly fragranced, deodorizing fabric sprays. With over 50 scents in stock, your only problem will be choosing which one to try next.

What’s the difference between our fabric sprays and air fresheners? the simple answer is the weight. The carefully selected ingredients in our fabric sprays are designed to be heavier. This helps the product sink deeper into the fabric locking in the fragrance. When using the fabric spray it will fragrance the air like our air freshener but it won’t linger.. Our air freshener is designed to suspend the fragranced particles in the air giving a much longer-lasting aroma. Gravity will bring all droplets to the ground eventually however our formula is so light the fragrance will pick back up in the wind which is why a lot of our customers like to use our air fresheners on their coats when going out. These two products complement each other, so if you can’t choose between them why split them up?

Net weight minimum 100ml

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