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Bath Bomb, Body & Car Gift Box

Bath Bomb, Body & Car Gift Box

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Treat your loved one to a luxurious and thoughtful gift with our handmade gift box! Our gift box includes five items that will pamper and delight.

First, our bath bomb will transform the bath into a relaxing and spa-like experience, leaving thier skin feeling soft and silky smooth. Next, our moisturising cream will nourish and hydrate skin, leaving it feeling rejuvenated and glowing.

Our hair detangler is perfect for those who love to take care of their locks. It will leave her hair feeling silky and tangle-free, while also providing nourishing benefits to her scalp.

To keep her car smelling fresh and clean, our car air freshener will add a touch of luxury to the daily commute. It is also a great way to help relax and unwind during long drives.

Lastly, our body spray is the perfect finishing touch to the daily beauty routine. With the strength of an eau de toilette, it will leave her smelling fresh and fabulous all day long. Our designer dupe scents will make her feel like she's wearing a high-end fragrance, without the expensive price tag.

All of our products are handmade with love, using only the highest quality ingredients. This gift box is perfect for showing how much you care and appreciate her. Give the gift of relaxation and luxury with our handmade gift box.

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