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Bottled Inspired Reed Diffuser 100ml

Bottled Inspired Reed Diffuser 100ml

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Highly Scented Reed Diffusers that provide weeks of scent throw. We have tried and tested many before we finally found the perfect creation of high-quality fragrance oils, carefully selected ingredients, paired with the most effective reeds to disperse the fragrance into the air. For best results situate the reed diffuser in an area with a gentle draft or breeze, such as an area people walk past or in a small room such as a bathroom where the opening of the door will create a small rush of air. This will help throw the scent into the air giving a burst of fragrance. The liquid in the bottle must evaporate over time to be able to offer the powerful scent throw, it should last approximately 3 months but this will vary depending on the surrounding environment such as being placed next to an active radiator. Available in a huge selection of scents, our glass bottle reed diffusers come with a silver chrome neck ring and 5 black reeds.

Vegan & Cruelty Free

Scent Description: Top notes include apple and citrus fruits and are balanced in the heart, with a warm spicy, middle dominated by geranium, cinnamon and cloves. Base notes, spicy scents of sandalwood, vetiver, cedarwood, olivewood, amber and musk.

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