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Leonora Vacay Vibes Insp Air Freshener 100ml

Leonora Vacay Vibes Insp Air Freshener 100ml

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We've developed the ideal product for those who can't get enough of our scents. With an instant blast of fragrance, these room sprays will freshen your house, bathroom, or car. Are you looking for more methods to make your home smell amazing? Check out our wax melts, Scented Sizzlers, Fabric Spray & Reed Diffusers.

Vegan & Cruelty Free

Please Note: We only ship this item to mainland UK.

Experience the essence of "Vacay Vibes" through Mrs. H's captivating fusion of Orange Blossom and Coastal Cypress. Fresh, floral, and revitalizing, this fragrance embodies the crispness of Coastal Cypress and the subtle charm of Orange Blossom. Let yourself be whisked away to the Mediterranean coast, where the fragrant blend of florals harmonizes with the soothing sea breeze, enveloping you in a feeling of tranquility and calmness.

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